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Introducing upcoming crypto games in 2022

What are the best upcoming crypto games? [2022 UPDATE]

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Gamers and developers are one of the main groups that are excited about the Metaverse and everything that comes with it. Crypto games (or NFT games) are new opportunities for gamers and developers not only to make good fortunes but also to get even more creative while playing or developing gamers.

If you are one of the many people who are new to the Metaverse and are looking for new investment opportunities, keep reading this short article. The main question that I will try to provide an answer to is ‘What are the best upcoming crypto games in 2022?”

What you will find in this post:

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Top upcoming cyrpto games in 2022

  • Polygonum: A developing DeFi game with its own Crypto and NFT marketplace.
  • RaceFI: Newly Launched Metaverse Platform, Earn Crypto Prizes
  • Battle of the Guardians : Based on the Solana network.
  • Rainmaker: Stock Gaming Platform using cyrpto and NFT.

In addition to these crypto games, there are some other games that will grow even bigger and potentially go from their Alpha or Beta versions to their ready-to-launch versions. Some of these games include:

While there are many other similar games, these seven games will be shortly described in the below paragraphs.

1. Polygonum

Upcoming crypto games - Polygoum
Upcoming crypto games – Polygonum

Polygonum, with a cryptosystem (POG Coin), is a survival simulation game where multiple players can purchase and trade in-game assets, create their own areas and zones, form different communities, and mine real crypto and resources.

The Polygonum game is established in an open ecosystem with three primary zones including player-versus-player, hunting and exploring, and farming. The game server enables users to register and stay online using a variety of devices like PC and phones.

Missions, fishing, hunting and mining are all available to players who like to engage with the surrounding environment.

Users who like to compete and engage with the rest of the players may do so by taking territories and fighting to get them and building barricades together to defend their lives and territories from different threats.

2. RaceFI

RaceFi - nft based game
RaceFi – Upcoming and new NFT based game.

RaceFi is a comprehensive NFT automobile racing environment in which players may race or own portions of the game and earn. All parts of this upcoming crypto game that can be owned are in the shape of NFTs.

RaceFi is Solana’s first AI/ML racing game. Players can play to earn crypto in this metaverse by playing various ranked game modes or by owning in-game assets.

Each season, users with a high ranking on the leaderboard will receive awards. Players should upgrade their cars with battle add-ons to be able to participate in the battle mode, and the competitions will include eight racers max.

In this upcoming crypto game, there will not be any time limit or finish line; however, players will continue to compete until only one triumph car remains.

This NFT-based game is heaven for all car lovers. You can imagine how popular such a game will be, right?

3. Battle of the Guardians

The battle of the guardians game.
The battle of the guardians game – new and upcoming crypto games.

Battle of the Guardians is built by a group of game lovers who wanted to understand how to play different levels of Metaverse games. This is a PvP real-time multiplayer crypto game built on the Solana network. As you can guess by the title, it is a fighting game in which users engage in multi-realm conflicts in the virtual world.

Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS) and Fighting Points ($FP) are the two currencies used in the game. $FP is useful for managing and acquiring NFT characters, among different assets. In addition, you can stake these coins and tokens. The latter is a secondary currency that can be used to enter tournaments. They may also be used to buy NFTs.

The game features great graphics that make for an interesting and pleasurable gaming experience. It’s been one of the games that I’ve been looking forward to playing since I heard its name,.

4. Rainmaker

Rainmaker games - new crypto games
New platform for crypto games.

Rainmaker, the next upcoming crypto game, is a high-skilled cryptocurrency and stock fantasy game program designed to educate and gather all stock/equity/crypto market enthusiasts from all over the world on a single platform to play blockchain games against one another.

Also, users can find out how to make actual crypto and money in the stock and crypto markets by playing an online crypto game employing strategies, improving investment methods, and improving money management procedures.

Rainmaker leverages data from live events, analyses, and changes in the real-time cryptocurrency markets and exchange data and information.

This crypto and stock market fantasy game application are made based on legal precedents that define Game-of-Skill, and it is verified by some of the most reputable gaming law firms in different countries.

The Rainmaker uses an accepted approach towards cryptocurrency and stock market gaming.

Other developing games

Other upcoming crypto games
Introducing other upcoming crypto games.

In addition to the upcoming crypto games mentioned above, there are other games that will grow bigger than they already are in the year 2022. I will go through some of the existing games that have the potential of growing bigger in the coming months.

The Sandbox game

According to the official website: “The Sandbox is a virtual Metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain, where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experience.” They offer a platform where players can make different assets on their Lands and create unique experiences for other players.

This game has had huge rises in its price and value in the past 6 months. The upcoming Alpha season 2 event will add even more value to the SAND token, as it did in the previous Alpha season.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is one of the known upcoming crypto games and it’s a  strategy-based game. The year that the game takes place is set in 2620 and it’s a futuristic fantasy game. The game’s main focus is to display hyper-realistic cinematic visuals.

This game also has good investment potential as it offers various in-game mining opportunities. It also has a marketplace where you can buy and sell assets such as ships, food and other resources.

Gods Unchained

GU is the most famous card game in the NFT and cryptocurrency gaming world. If you are into card games, you have probably heard about Heart Stone. Guds Unchained is very similar to Heart Stone, but there is a big difference.

In this game, you truly own the cards and you can make good money through trading cards in the In-game marketplace.

Currently, GU is in its Beta form and it will hold more events and features with a better quality which will lead to rising its token’s value. GU runs on the IMX platform and its main token is called GODS.

Upcoming crypto games: conclusion

By sharing the list of the upcoming crypto games and giving you the needed information, we hope we showed you the right path to your next crypto-based game.

I believe these 7 games contain great crypto games which will enable users to both win real money and have lots of fun while making the money.

These games cover various genres, so we are sure there is something for everyone. No matter which one you want to play and participate in, it will provide a great gaming experience for you.

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