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cardano nft projects in 2022

Fantastic Cardano NFT Projects in 2022: Collections You Should Consider

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When people talk about NFTs, they mostly mention the projects that are available on the Ethereum platform. However, there are many other valuable NFTs that are worth mentioning and maybe investing in that are minted on Cardano.

In this post, I will introduce some of the best Cardano NFT projects in 2022 and give a short description of each project so you can have an overall understanding of each of them without having to read their whitepaper and project goals.

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Why consider Cardano NFT projects in 2022?

Most of the NFTs are minted on the Ethereum platform. While having its own benefits, there are some downsides to launching a project and using ETH as the main currency for transactions, the most important of which is being very expensive. The peer-review-based platform Cardano ($ADA) aims to have the same benefits as the Ethereum platform but with a much cheaper transaction cost.

Of course, minting and purchasing NFTs on ETH can be costly and if you mint or purchase NFTs from the Cardano platform it is going to be much cheaper and the transaction speed is not going to be slower than ETH. This has led to the launch of many Cardano NFT projects in 2022 some of which I have mentioned here.

Famous designers and celebrities such as Snoop Dogg have started their own projects on this platform and this can lead to more trust and more Cardano NFT projects on this platform.

Which NFT projects should I keep an eye on on the Cardano platform?

There are many Cardano NFT projects that you can visit and maybe invest in. However, there are some famous ones that are worth keeping an eye on in 2022. I have described some of the best ones below so you won’t have to read their long and boring white papers! Hope you find them useful and interesting.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has been one of the most enthusiastic people in the crypto world and he is expanding his territory by joining the Cardano network! This time, Snoop Dogg teamed up with Clay Nation to launch a Cardano NFT project on this blockchain. 

He is the first celebrity to go from Ethereum to Cardano, which has caused a lot of hype in the community. Snoop Dogg can bring so much to the party since in his previous collaboration with the Sandbox project he released a music video a couple of weeks ago that was made entirely in the sandbox metaverse.

Clay Nation tweeted about this collab. A couple of weeks ago, Snoop Dogg shared a Twitter space with Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson and Medici, hosted by Clay Nation. The photo below shows what this Cardano NFT project will look like.

Snoop dogg cardano nft project

Clay Nation

the Clay Nation project is a collection of 10,000 NFT characters made of clay. This beautiful collection is completely sold out, but on the secondary market, the tokens boast a floor price of about 2696 ADA! The photo below shows three of the characters in this collection.

clay nation cardano nft project

Soho Kids

Soho Kids is another Cardano NFT project with the aim of focusing on bringing fashion design, from haute couture to street style, into the NFT and Cardano spaces in the form of a fun and colourful collection.

According to their official website, Soho kids’ vision is ‘to continue building these connections and be the first mover to work with this industry, from the smaller designers with their own personal collections to the huge fashion houses that we all know.’

soho kids nft projects 2022


SpaceBudz is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs based on the Cardano network. This Cardano NFT project is founded by an NFT enthusiast named Alessandro.

It is the first Cardano NFT project that has crossed the $1 Million NFT sales. For example, SpaceBud #9936 is the most expensive character that has been sold for 510,000 ADA on the platform.

Spacebudz cardano nft project 2022

ADA Ninjas

ADA Ninjaz is a manga and anime-based Cardano NFT project with community-driven hosting on Carano Blockchain. ADA Ninjaz is the top anime NFT project on this network.

ADA Ninjaz comprises 8888 unique randomly generated avatars, from a total of over 450 character features. 

ada ninjas
ada ninjaz


In this short article, I introduced why Cardano NFT projects are worth keeping an eye on and mentioned some of the most successful projects to date. There are many advantages to minting and also purchasing/selling NFTs on the Cardano ecosystem which I have shortly discussed in this post.

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