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Solana updated price prediction: Bullish in 2022?

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In one of our recent posts, I tried to give an overall price prediction for Solana and analyzed whether it will hit $200 in the upcoming months or not. Here I will go through Solana updated price prediction and share my thoughts on the crypto for the upcoming year.

  • Article Summary
  • Just like other coins and tokens, Solana has been on a rollercoster.
  • The Solana updated price prediciton points out to the fact that the price of SOL is most likely going to go back to where it was 2 months ago (around the 100$ price point).
  • The recent volatilities in the market was due to the instable price of the BTC.
  • According to Solana updated price prediction, after Bitcoin goes back to its normal trend, the Solana will go with the flow as well.
  • Read our predictions with more detail and explanation below.

Solana overview

Even though Solana is not a start-up project and a new cryptocurrency, it has recently attracted a lot of attention and has been very popular in the last year (especially during 2021).

The significant increase in the value and rise of this crypto has attracted the attention of many traders, helping these investors to find the project’s potential for use in the metaverse and its undeniable functionality.

 However, in the past couple of weeks (from the time of writing) there has been some volatilities in the market and that’s why we decided to give you Solana updated price prediction for the coming years.

Please note, however, that the aim of this post is not to give you financial advice and at the end of the day you are the one who should decide how to invest your coins. With this said, Solana is a really interesting project, and we wanted to take a look at what potential it may have in the near future.

Why is Solana going down?

There are many reasons why not only the Solana crypto, but the whole market is going down right now. The main reason why the value of Solana is falling is due to frequent failures in the function of the blockchain which is caused by overloads.

In addition, another reason is the bearish and downside trend in the crypto market that we are witnessing in early 2022. Nevertheless, most analysts are confident that the observed decline in prices is temporary.

Is Solana gonna keep going down in 2022?

Solana updated price prediction for 2022

At the starting weeks of February 2022, the average Solana price was around ~$98 and by the end of weeks 2 and 3 of the same month, it could have exceeded the $105 mark. However, the price didn’t go up and the average price was around $88.

Therefore, we can see that the pessimistic price predictions have been more accurate in the beginning months of the year 2022. Solana was traded at an average price of $89 in the beginning of February. The prices have started to go high again and from now on, the price of Solana may go above 100$.

The upcoming months of 2022 are when things can get more interesting. The predicted Solana price may become less volatile by the next weeks (from 9 March onwards), and if it manages to stay above the $100 mark and hopefully meet 200, we may see considerable growth of SOL price in 2022. 

According to our Solana updated price prediction, the cryptocurrency will stay in the $200 range in 2022, and may possibly go up to as far as $300. This is something that we have also pointed out in our previous article regarding the price of SOL crypto.

Solana long-term updated price prediction (2023 and more)

In the image below you can see an overview of what the price of Solana could look like in the years ahead.

Solana updated price prediction
Solana updated price prediction for 2022 and the upcoming years.

What do other sources say?

The options of different traders and analysts seem to be poles apart on the future price of Solana.

Coin Price Forecast, for instance, has bullish predictions, expecting Solana to have a return of +236% by the end of 2025. They predict that Solana crypto prices will storm the $360 mark at the beginning of 2023. Additionally, they think that $1,000 is a very real possibility for Solana coin in the next 10 years.

On the other hand, other trading experts and technical analysts have a bearish outlook. According to the price prediction provided here, the coin will hardly be able to stay at the $100 mark and is likely to drop below it in 2022. The same goes for the people on Reddit. The Redditors don’t believe that the price of Solana has the capabilities to stay above $100.

Nonetheless, experts do point out the fact that the public reaction is very important and everything will depend on how the people react to the Solana project and whether the current interest is just hype (fake!) or is pure belief in what the Solana project will bring to the table.

What do you think?

Have been holding Solana? Did you buy the dip? Let us know your thoughts on the future of this crypto in the comments below.