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Sandbox Alpha Season 2: When is it?

SANDBOX Alpha Season 2: When is it?

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After the big prize pool of the first SANDBOX Alpha pass, more and more people are looking forward to the second season. However, there are no exact dates announced from the official website yet. In this article, I will go through the SANDBOX road map and try to give an approximate date of when the Sandbox Alpha Season 2 will be released.

So, if you are interested in registering for the Sandbox alpha season 2, read the paragraphs below to be prepared for registering earlier and have a better chance of winning the rewards.

Latest Update: According to the official Announcement, the Alpha Season 2 will be on March 3rd.

[Previous PUPDATE]: The official SANDBOX website recently put the Alpha season 2 announcement banner on their website. But they removed it shortly after posting it. This can be good news since, in the paragraphs below, I have talked about why I think the Event will be held in late February.

[Previous UPDATE 2]: The official Twitter account of the Sandbox game announced that the Alpha 2 is ‘around the corner’. See the image below for more information.

Sandbox Alpha season 2 official announcement
Sandbox Alpha season 2 official announcement. It’s around the corner.

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Why it’s important to know when the Sandbox Alpha Season 2 is.

The last time Sandbox announced the date of the first season, the prize of the Sandbox token (SAND) almost tripled in a short period. This is why everyone who participated in season one of the Sandbox metaverse is now looking forward to hearing the news about the date of the next season.

Having the information regarding the date of the next Sandbox event will have a positive impact on the prize of the SAND and therefore, it can be a great point of entry to the market if you want to invest in the Metaverse and specifically The Sandbox.

However, the official sandbox team have not yet announced the exact date of the Alpha season 2. Many people are trying to guess an estimated date for when this big event could be held. In the following section, I will describe my own analysis of the current situation and when the Sandbox alpha season 2 might be held.

Why is everyone waiting for the Sandbox Alpha season 2?

NFTs from sandbox season 1
NFTs given to winners in the Sandbox Season 1 – How will these be used in the Sandbox season 2 event?

In the first Alpha event, people had a chance to win up to 5000 Alpha NFTs which gave them access to new unique experiences and exclusive awards. The rewards not only contained SAND (up to 1000 SAND in total per winner) but there was also some unique pixel art NFTs that can be used in the game.

In the image above, you can see the three NFTs I earned in this event.

As one of the participants of the sandbox alpha event, I am still curious as to know when and how I can use these items in game–which I am sure most people who won these NFTs are asking the same question as well.

Even though some people decided to sell these NFTs early on, many of the winners are still holding up to them hoping that these NFTs can be used in-game or may be sold for more money in the future. This is one of the reasons why many people are waiting for the sandbox alpha season 2.

In addition to the two points raised above, there are some other features that can be expected in the new season. But first, let’s see what happened in the first season and what can be improved.

Let’s go through the Alpha Season 1

If you missed the first sandbox alpha event, you might find this section useful to read.

The Sandbox has seen incredible growth over the past couple of months, ever since Facebook rebranded itself into Meta. The metaverse and everything it contains is deemed valuable commodities.

This change of view towards the metaverse has been clear in The Sandbox. For example, Land that sold for $2,500 in October 2021, now sells for more than 3 ETH.

As a result of this, SAND gained huge value (almost tripled) in a short period of time. But another reason why the prize of SAND went high was an event called Alpha season 1.

Benefits of having an alpha pass in season 2
Alpha pass Season 1 – Will it be useful in the Sandbox season 2 event?

In this event, players could freely play the game and have a few experiences. However, to access the full list of experiences that should have had an NFT called Alpha pass. But new experiences was only part of what players were gaining; there were also more valuable tokens and NFTs that participants could gain after finishing some simple tasks.

While you could purchase the Alpha pass, there were airdrops that anyone could participate in through Twitter or other social media and if lucky, get an Alpha pass for free!

Right after the Alpha season 1 was announced.
Right after the Alpha season 1 was announced. Will the price reach this level after Sandbox season 2 is launched?

That’s it! The event ended after 2 months and the rewards were distributed between the 5000 Alpha pass owners.

What to expect in Alpha Season 2

Sebastien Borget teased that the sandbox Alpha Season 2 is “coming soon to The Sandbox”. Based on the promotional message the event will offer more experiences and more rewards. Also, The Sandbox is supposed to distribute more Alpha Passes, while the older ones will once again be eligible to gain access.

Exact dates and details regarding the Alpha Season 2 for The Sandbox are missing, but 2022 promises to become a big year for the gaming-infused virtual world. Aside from music artists like Deadmau5 and Snoop Dogg have a presence in the game world, consultancy firm PwC Hong Kong announced their involvement as well. PwC wants to offer consultancy services to companies looking to dip their toes into the metaverse. 

What to expect in the sandbox alpha season 2
What to expect in Alpha season 2 – Sandbox season 2

[UPDATE]: Recently, the official website of SANDBOX put the Alpha season 2 announcement banner on their website. However, the website removed it a couple of hours after posting it. This can be good news since, in the next section, you will read about my thoughts on why I think the Event will be held in late February.

We expect the Sandbox Alpha Season 2 will be very similar to the first one. However, currently, there is a Game Jam going on and our guess is that some of the best experiences created by participants will be featured in the new season.

Also, there might be more rewards and Alpha passes distributed between players.

A new staking mechanism

The Sandbox recently introduced a new staking mechanism that makes it even more profitable to stake your SAND tokens in the metaverse ecosystem. See the tweet below:

I think that in the new Alpha season 2 the game will try to invite more players to stake their SANDS. This can be introduced as an in-game challenge or other media. But I think the game will try to advertise this feature further in the Sandbox Alpha season 2 even more.

My estimate for the Sandbox Alpha season 2

The Game Jam (the last event Sandbox held) ended on January 29. As the project has not announced other events, our guess is that the next event will be the Alpha.

While no one can give an exact time for the start date of the event, I think it will be held sometime in February. And since the crypto market is not in a stable situation at the moment, I think the event will be started in the 3rd or 4th weeks of February. Another possible date for this event can be early March.

In general, though, I think the Sandbox team will release an official date in the next week or so. But keep in mind, that after releasing the official dates the prize of SAND might go high since many players are waiting for this event.

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We will tweet more information regarding the sandbox alpha season 2 as soon as they come out.

What do you think?

There are many thoughts on the date and the way the sandbox alpha season 2 will be held. What would you like to see in the new season? When do you think the event is going to be? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the link below to be featured on our website.

what do you think about the sandbox alpha season 2?
What do you think about the sandbox alpha season 2?

Did you participate in the first season of the Alpha? Did you own an Alpha pass? What do you think the new event will offer to the old Alpha pass owners? Share your ideas in the comment section! We will be covering the entire Sandbox season 2 right after it’s launched.

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