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Expectations for the Sandbox alpha season 3 release date.

Is there a Sandbox Alpha Season 3? [Realistic Release Dates and MORE Exciting News]

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Sandbox is one of the most promising and exciting Metaverse experiences and since you are here, I’m guessing you already have participated in at least one of the two seasons. But with the second Sandbox Alpha season coming to an end, people are excited to know when the third season, that is Sandbox Alpha Season 3, will be starting.

My predictions for the Sandbox Alpha Season 2 were pretty accurate! you can take a look at the article over here. So, I have decided to do some extra research and share with you some of my estimates for the upcoming Sandbox season.

Sandbox Alpha Seasons 1 and 2

The 2nd testing of The Sandbox metaverse (Alpha) started on March 3 and is another attempt to bring The Sandbox project closer to its final metaverse condition. Before diving into the potential dates for the next Sandbox season, let’s review what happened in the first two seasons.

The Sandbox will eventually launch its final ready-ti-play version of this metaverse. This, however, doesn’t; mean that there won’t be further improvements; the new upgrades and improvements will likely be introduced as new game updates and patches. For now, though, these updates are called Alpha Seasons.

These Alpha seasons are exciting events that last for weeks (about a month) with SAND and NFT rewards for participants to explore new games in the ecosystem. As per other games, the Alpha version of the Sandbox is a way for the developers to get feedback from the players and improve the gaming experience in future updates.

The Sandbox Alpha Season 1 commenced on Nov. 29, 2021, and was open to participating until Dec. 20, 2021, and it contained 18 easy experiences.

Sandbox Alpha season 3 release date predictions.
The Sandbox Alpha pass from the first Season.

Alpha Passes, which were like a ticket for players to play new experiences and earn NFTs and SAND, were distributed through a raffle among LAND owners, daily social contests or were available to purchase on Opensea.1,000 SAND and three exclusive NFTs were distributed between the players.

The actual interaction consisted of exploring parts of The Sandbox lands and maps.

Season 2 launched on Mar. 3, 2022. There are some main differences between the two Alpha seasons. The first and foremost difference is that the experiences in this season are open to all players. Season 2 is also open to Mac users which wasn’t the case in the first Alpha season.

The rewards are almost the same though. Just like in Season 1, 1,000 SAND are rewarded to the winners of the Alpha pass. There are probably going to be some NFTs distributed as a ‘Surprise’ to the players who complete 100% of the experiences.

In general, Alpha Passes are distributed in three ways, which are the same as the Season 1. These include Raffle, Contests, and purchasing from

Season 2 has much more games to experience. some of these experiences are the upgraded versions from the first season. The others are unique experiences created by the developers and the participants in the GameJam competition.

Sandbox Alpha season 3 release date predictions.
Second season’s Alpha pass. Did you win yet?

Is there going to be Sandbox Alpha Season 3?

Have you ever wondered why the season is called Alpha? well even if you haven’t, here is the answer: Because it is not the final product yet and the game is in the Alpha (testing) mode. But what comes after alpha?

If you’ve been into gaming, you have definitely seen the word ‘Beta’ after the name of some newly developed games and software. It is all the same for the Sandbox as well. So here is the main question: When will we see the Sandbox Beta version?

While many expect the next season to be another Alpha season (namely Sandbox Alpha season 3) I think the game will be developed enough to enter the Beta version. This is just a guess though. But why is it important? Because jumping from Alpha to Beta is a HUGE step for a gaming project.

This means higher investments in this Metaverse and, you guessed it, it would lead to another jump in the value of the SAND token.

Sandbox Alpha Season 3 or Sandbox Beta?

While the gaming experience in the new season was much more complicated and sophisticated – and sometimes annoying! – than the first season, there were some issues with some of the quests and levels. there were bugs, some of the quests could not be completed (like the Dracula Castle) and some of the levels wouldn’t load.

However, the developer team have a long time to fix these bugs and errors. If the project can overcome most of these issues, and hopefully launch some new features that the project has promised, the game could be ready to go from Alpha to Beta version. But this is something that hasn’t been announced yet and we should wait and see what happens!

Potential dates for the next Sandbox Alpha season.

OK, let’s dive into the main reason you came here: The sandbox alpha season 3 release date.

As you saw in the paragraphs above, the first season was launched in November and the second season was launched in March. As each of the Alpha events lasts for around a month, you can see that there is a 4-5month-gap between the two seasons.

While there are no official dates announced for the next sandbox alpha event, my guess is that the next event will be around august. You should also note that between the two Alpha seasons there will be many other events, such as VoxEdit competitions and GameJam and maybe other new events and challenges.

However, I think until the launch of the final project, or at least the Beta version, there will be two main events (that is, Alpha events) each year.

So, I expect the Sandbox Alpha season 3 to start somewhere in between late October and early November.

[UPDATES]: We will update this post as new announcements are released from official sources.

What to expect from a new Sandbox season?

There are some definitive rewards that will be distributed between participants in the Sandbox Alpha season 3. They include a prize pool of at least 1000 $SAND, some NFTs and a form of Pass that can be sold on Opensea.

However, my other expectation that I think is more important for the Sandbox project and will be a defining factor of its success/failure in the long run. They include fewer errors and bugs, new in-game features, new P2E opportunities for the players, the availability of the game on new gaming consoles and maybe smartphones and other changes and improvements alike.

What would you like to see in the sandbox alpha season 3?

Final thoughts and conclusions

Sandbox is a fun project that I see as a great investments opportunity – especially for long-term investments. During each Alpha season, there are vast advertising efforts to increase awareness about this game. The number of users in the new season reached over 2 million players.

The Sandbox Alpha season 3, or maybe hopefully the Sandbox Beta v.1, will be another great step for this project’s success. In this article, I went through what the Alpha seasons are and shared some potential dates for the next main event.

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