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Get to know the top new crypto mining projects 2022 [Update]

New Crypto Mining Projects in 2022: Don’t Miss Out

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The article below investigates the top 7 new crypto mining projects in 2022 to invest in. The information provided here is based on thorough research from various resources. So, by reading this article you won’t need to look for other websites and news portals. If you’re interested in new opportunities for mining and investment, then keep on reading this post.

Article summary:

  • An overall idea of what it means to invest in crypto currency is mentioned.
  • Some tips about mining are described.
  • The criteria for selecting the projects are provided.
  • 7 new crypto mining projects in 2022 are introduced.

Table of contents:

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What to know before investing in cryptocurrency?

2021 was the year of cryptocurrencies. While many believe that the growth will still continue in 2022, some people hold that the market will show bearish behaviour in the year 2022. Therefore, as you can see from the current situation of the market, there are plenty of volatilities and ANYTHING can happen.

An important aspect to bear in mind before investing in crypto projects is to understand the risks behind any project. So, even though the list below is gathered with great attention and with a lot of studies, I will nevertheless recommend all of you guys to do your own research before putting your money into any of these projects.

With this, let’s dive into the new crypto mining projects 2022 update and get to know what these projects aim to do in the future.

Some tips and notes about crypto mining

It sounds easy to make money from mining crypto, given that all you need is connecting a computer (GPU, CPU, or an ASIC miner) to a mining pool.

Mining pools let you combine the computer processing power and so enhance the odds of winning block verification. This is because the verification process is a competition in which many miners are competing to verify a block. The winning miner is the only one who wins the promised reward.

This article includes a list of the new crypto mining projects in 2022 to mine and to win their specified rewards.

What are the criteria for knowing the best crypto to mine?

  • The best cryptocurrency to mine is one that generates the highest returns. To find which, use online calculators to compare returns for crypto mining. Nevertheless, you also should choose one that does not need you to spend thousands of dollars on mining hardware.
  • The easiest crypto to mine lets you connect your miners to mining pools. Just buy GPU or ASIC-specific miner and subscribe to a pool that takes a commission on mined profits and with a regular payout.

Top 7 New Crypto mining projects in 2022 worth paying attention to

No matter which news website you explore. there are some of the new projects that are pointed out. Here, I have listed some of the best new crypto mining projects worth giving a second thought and maybe invest in or mine in 2022.

ECOS: A Cloud Mining Platform

Eco - one of the new crypto mining projects in 2022
Eco – one of the new crypto mining projects in 2022

ECOS is one of the newest and top cloud mining platforms. ECO is also the first cloud mining platform that is operating legally.

This project is a full-fledged investment platform that has many fans and users around the globe. in addition to cloud mining, ECO also contains a wallet, exchange, and so many other features.

The primary advantage of using ECOS is that the platform provides a free cloud mining contract for 1 month for its new users, making it of the better new crypto mining projects in 2022 to invest in.

GRIN: Better Privacy

Grin - Better privacy for mining in 2022
Grin – Better privacy for mining in 2022

Grin is a cryptocurrency referred to as privacy, which facilitates private transactions between people or on various platforms.

For example, this platform does not allow public viewing of the amount sent or sending and receiving addresses.

This is indeed in contradiction to some of the existing coins where anyone can see the amount sent or received. Grin is, without a doubt, one of the most private new crypto mining projects in 2022 and could be a good investment for the upcoming year due to its increasing popularity.


  • Can be mined with software that are downloadable for free.
  • Can be mined via solo mining with ASICs.
  • Grin is lightweight because of the MimbleWimble protocol, and it scales based on actual users (and not a number of transactions.)

CUDO MINER: Future of Mining

Cudo Miner
Cudo Miner

Cudo Miner is a feature-oriented CPU and GPU miner that backs several algorithms. This platform is extremely easy to set up and provides lucrative features that might not be available in other prominent mining software or mining platforms. These are some of the features that can turn this platform into one of the new crypto mining projects in 2022 that will gain more popularity.

LITECOIN: Speedy transactions

Litecoin is famous because of the speedy transactions that it promises. This project was released under the MIT/X11 license and based on research on cryptocurrencies.

Litecoin can only be mined profitably with ASICs. However, at first the project was suppose to support mining via GPU and CPU as well. ASICs have now been developed for the underlying protocol.


  • A block is mined in no longer than 2.5 minutes. This is promised to half in the next four years.
  • Can be mined with software and platforms such as GUIMiner Scrypt, CPUminer Litecoin, and Awesome Miner. These software let you switch to GPU mining (if you use CPU mining.).
  • Litecoin mining pools include Litecoinpool, MinerGate,, Antpool. F2pool, and ViaBTC.
  • Because of its many enchanting features, litecoin is considered one of the new crypto mining projects in 2022.

ETH: The Good Old Ethereum!

Mining Ethereum profitably requires a good and high-efficiency GPU miner that will take around 64 days to mine a single Ethereum (1 ETH). However, chances are better with pool mining as is the case with all other cryptocurrencies.

Soon Ethereum will be based on the Beacon Chain, a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain which will change mining on the blockchain. For now, it is based on the Proof of Work mining algorithm.


  • ETH produces a block in a few seconds and the block reward is 2 Eth plus transaction fees.
  • ETH can be mined with ETHminer, CGMiner, WinEth, BFGMiner, Geth, EasyMiner, T-Rex, and Lolminer. It is not profitable to mine with a CPU.
  • Some of the Ethereum mining pools include NiceHash, Dwarfpool and some other pools.

KRYPTEX MINER: Detect the most profitable coin

Kryptex - detect the most profitable coin
Kryptex – detect the most profitable coin

Kryptex is software (for Windows OS only) that detects the profitable coins out there.

It has the potential to run many complex distributed cryptocurrency compilations and focuses on keeping the miners updated on the latest market happenings.

This new project provides detailed real-time statistics, along with monitoring the hash rate and effectivity of the GPUs that are accessible on the market.

MONA COIN: A Memecoin with a future

Monacoin was coined in 2013 and has a very active group of people and a strong community in Japan. It is a type of meme coin like the Babydoge coin.


  • The reward per block is 12.5 MONA, and it halves every three years.
  • Pools for mining this coin include f2pool,,,, and, and
  • Mona is featured in many news and crypto research websites and is considered here as one of the best new crypto mining projects in 2022 to invest in.

Some facts about cryptocurrencies, to help you make a better decision

  • There are more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies right now, which is a noticeable increase if you comprare it to about 66 in 2013.
  • Besides investing through the above methods, you can invest in crypto mutual funds and stocks. Some of the other ways include mining and staking where you put a given amount of funds into a project by buying tokens and assisting to verify transactions.

To conclude…

In conclusion, the best new crypto mining projects in 2022 to take a look at and consider for investment c are those that offer low-cost mining options.

It should be cheaper to start to mine. If you are looking for the cheapest crypto to mine, some of the coins and projects mentioned above can be a good option.

However, ETH and even BTC should be your top choice if looking for the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine.

Most cryptocurrencies require having at least a GPU to mine, but the most profitable requires investing in ASICs. It can be expensive. I suggest mining on a cryptocurrency mining pool the moment you have the mining hardware and software ready to go.