Up to 5000$ for the top 100 people who get the best out of our strategy, AXE.

The Competitions Results were Announced!

Registration: March 11, 2022 Announcement: March 14, 2022 Language: English Prizes: 5000 $ Type: Open Competition status: closed

Competition overview

Algorithmic trading is a new method for executing orders using automated pre-programmed trading instructions. To familiarize the trading community and our users with this method and also promote new strategies of tradingو we are proud to announce that we are holding the 1st Global Algorithmic Trading Competition here at LaroGroups. What separates this contest from the rest of the similar competitions is the fact that not only does it cost no money to participate but there are also no losers! Everybody who enters the competition will receive the minimum reward.

The registration process for the competition starts at 2022/03/11 and the submissions will be received from 11 to 14. More information regarding the key dates can be found below. The submissions will be automatically evaluated based on the criteria mentioned in the following, and our team will screen all the submissions to make sure the rules and settings of the strategy are set to the required numbers.

You can find further information regarding the Key Dates, Awards, Setting the Configurations, Registration, Rules and Settings, and the Evaluation Criteria in the following sections.


And the winners are …

winner 1winner2winner3winner4winner5winner6

Strategy Configuration